So far from God

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Don't miss an opportunity

Now I won't give away the ending. But I do want to say a little or two about this book. Some may find it interesting. Some may find it annoying, but either way just give this book a chance. Its fun, funny, it will keep you on your toes, and you may never get bored with it. And if you are a reader of many, definitely add this to your collection of many books. You won't be disappointed. If you like reading stories about Hispanic, Mexicans and enjoy our heritage or even want to learn some thing about our heritage then take a look and explore our many ways with this book. I have had to read this entire book for class. At first I was kind skeptical about reading this book myself. But once I started to read it. I just could not put the darn book down. Then I thought to myself my Instructor, she really knows how to pick them. Because, let me tell you had it not been for my Instructor I would never have taken this book a second look. But, because of her I now want to read more books like this one. Oh yeah, and another thing, I am not a reader. My mind usually wanders when I read. I can't seem to keep focused. But, like I said not with this book. So Pop a squat under a tree and enjoy an adventure into the chicana way of living.

Final Farewell of Don Damingo

In Chapter 13 Don Domingo looks back at the death of his two daughters. Yes, the death of Esperanza and Caridad. Now alot happens in this book but only certain details of the book are given. So if you haven't read all the chapters then maybe you might want to jump back a bit. You don't want to miss out on any good parts. Anyway. Esperanza was abducted and left to die in the desert. Domingo could not accept this brutal murder. How could anyone do this to his daugter? How could anyone be so cold. This was really tough on Domingo. And as for Caridad well she jumped off a mesa like a diver jumping into an ocean, with no water to fall into. What was she thinking. But, Fe, yes Fe, her death hit both Domingo and Mayor, yes Mayor Sofia the hardest. Now with these 3 daughters gone, there family was not the same. And, because Domingo took it really hard, he began to gamble and waste his life away. The way I see it is he felt everything was taken away from him. So why even try to better his life. Rather he goes back to doing what he loves most. Boozing and gambling. Domingo start gambling not only his possesions but Sofi's and whats left of their families possessions, too. So now it seems that Sofi was strong willed and had enough. So with surprise to Domingo, Sofi ask Domingo to leave. She did not want to lose everything she worked hard to build to a man who just did not give a damn. She was tired of being called the Pobre Sofi. She was stronger than that. And she felt she could live a better life withouth the one man she lived her life around. She came too far in her own life now to have it p@#&*% away to some man for nothing. All I can say is keep on track with this book you won't be disappointed.

Really Cool

I have enjoyed thus far what I have read. I would really like to recommend this book to any one who is really interested in reading non-fictional books that we can relate to. Especially those books that come from our heritage. This book is really set in a hispanic setting. It has many ways on how we as Mexicans live our lives. For instance, we always have superstitions in our lives. We mexicans believe in all that. Why? Because society has shown us how to live this way. If this is how we are brought up. Well then this is how we will be. And in this book you will learn about many of our ways. Not only that you might be able to pick up a thing or two about our language. So if you don't understand spanish then maybe you might want to get someone to do some translating for you. Because there are alot of slang mexican words used in this book. But for the most part of it this spansih even though in slang is pretty cool. Another thing is that alot of us Mexican women tend to have big families like Sofi did. And unfortunately like many mexican women, Sofi
was left behind from her husband. Left alone to tend to her children. So if you like stories with a good Mexican background on our heritage and beliefs and superstitions, then this book is for you. So don't miss out on an opportunity to enjoy a good book. Set back and enjoy. And get ready to read on an adventure.


I really enjoy reading this book. It is intense in the sense that it keeps you coming back for more. You just never know what kind of stories you will encounter with this book. We can find all kinds 0f stuff in this book "So far from God". For instance, I found some really great remedies from Dona Felicia. Well lets say you have a gastrointestinal obstruction,which in Mexico they call empacho. Well lets say you eat too many oranges, or you ate too many cold things. Or as a culandera might see it you are experiencing these stomach problems because someone has done harm to you. Dona Felicia would then determine that this problem you are encountering is definitely emapacho. She wants to make sure that it is not anything else. Because the healing she does has to be specific to the problem that is occuring or it wont work. Now, Dona Felicia will start to feel around for a bolita( a ball or knot in your belly). She does this by rubbing your belly to feell around for that knot with her index finger. If nothing is determined by feeling around then you might want to get an egg and and place it and rub it over the patient. This egg is used for cleansing. Now, we crack the egg, where the egg breaks on the patients stomach and the yolk travels to along the stomach, where it lands this is where the problem is. Now, Im sure we all have our own little superstitions. Or maybe we even see culanderas ourselves. But, only one thing I can say is that is all in the eye of the beholder. So if you believe in these remedies maybe they can work for you.

More on Dona Felicia

Ok on Chapter 3 we learn a little more about Dona Felicia. She was a woman born in Mejico Viejo ( Old mexico). She lived some where near Vera Cruz. She was about eight years old when she lost her mother. Growing up with out a mother was very difficult for her. Growing up with out a mother is difficult for any one. But, right before she lost her mom her mom had her cards read. Now, in mexico going to a fprtune teller or a card reader is very normal. I am almost certain that most mexicans live by having there cards or palms read. Now when Dona Felicia and her mom walked in the card reader could not see the future, so to say. She said the reason being is that Dona Felicia, only a child then was obstructing her view to look into the future or to look into anything. So she asked Dona Felicias mom to please have her daughtere leave the room. Now, it was at that time that the card reader thought maybe Dona Felicia did not believe. Well that day while with her mother she told Dona Felicia that she might not be around much longer because the fortune teller stated to her that she was going to die soon. Well not too soon after that. Guess what happens. The mom dies. Is this crazy stuff or what? But, like I said only in this book can you find such eerie, weird, crazy stuff. Dona Felicia was a non believer, that the fortune teller was right about. She did not for one minute believe that old fortune teller. Now, Caridad began to study Dona Felicia. She wanted to become a culandera. A culandera is a person who will nurse a patient with psychological and spiritual needs. A culandera heals the heart and the mind. Caridad learned a great deal from her teacher and was now a great Dr of healing herself.

Caridads Restoration

Carridad had some sort of recovery that could not be explained. But again only from reading this book can you discover anything out of the ordinary. After her recovery Caridad began to do alot of extraordinary things. For instance, she moves out , she moves out not only by herself but with her corazon. Now, when we think of her corazon, we think her lover. But, no, not Caridad, she moves out with corazon, her horse. Which was a little odd because before her accident she would never had done any such thing. She moves into a trailer in Albuquerque. Many neighbors had horses. And this is probably why she moved here, because of the ability to have a horse in the property. Caridad also had a very nice landlady named Dona Felicia. Dona Felicia was a little old lady about 90 years old. She looked out for Caridad and her horse. She became friends with Sofi and assured her that she would wathch over Caridad. Now, we need to keep in mind that Caridad did not have many friends, and her only companion was Corazon. So we can only imagine what she would do if anything were to happen to her Corazon. It was Dona Felicias saying that animals will understand and listen more than any human being would. Well we can kind of figure out this chapter. Caridad's horse Corazon had wandered off, not once but several times.
This last time that Corazon wandered off, he would not be coming back. Someone found him spotted on the side of the road. He was dead. It seems the young mare heard all the comotion from a party that was going on down the road. The young mare was on his way back home to Tome, where he always lived and was used to. There was nothing anybody could do to save that horse. And what will Caridad do with out her Corazon. Well, Caridad did take the news of her horse being dead, pretty badly. But she was coping with it. Actually, Caridad and Dona Felicia became very close. Dona Felicia becomes her mentor.
After reading the next couple of chapters the book seems to get a little weird but interesting. After several years Sofi's husband returns to his family. There were many rumors going on about Domingo and what type of man he was to his family. He mostly made up his own rumors about himself. And when the rumors would circulate and came back to him with exaggeration, and were not to his liking, Domingo would get angry about his own rumor and start new ones. Domingo found out all about La Loca and her life,so he tried to get her to fly and do many crazy things to see for himself what type of person she might be. La loca actually thought maybe it was her dad that was not all there. La loca for some reason did not feel to comfortable around her father. Everytime he got close to her she would try to keep away. Unless she is the one who would do the actual initiation of trying to get close to her father, which wasn't too often. She would sniff him and study him. Sofi asked La Loca once why she sniffed her father. Sofi was so curious to find out what she sensed when she was aroud her father. Now, here is where some freaky reading comes in to play. La loca expresses her sense of what her father may be or where he has been. La loca says that when she smells her dad she can smell hell. She tells her mother that Domingo has been to hell. La loca says that the only reason she knows that her dad has been to hell is because she has been to hell too. La loca stated that there is no forgiveness on earth, that the only place you can forgive is in hell and you have to die first. She states that her dad was there and had all the devils pulled out of his heart.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

So Far From God

Oh my Gawd. This is one of the coolest books I have ever layed eyes on. Ok well I'm only through the first 30 pages, but those first 30 pages are awesome. How hispanic can a book get. If you are hispanic you can really relate to this book. But, if your not you can get a feel of what its like to come from a hispanic background. It is really intense. This book is about a mother, and her four daughters. All daughters are totally different. They each have there own personallity that makes each one unique. The mother is single and raising four kids. Her sorry "A" husband left her so he could support his gambling habit. So Sophi, the mother, is forced to take care of her four daughters. Ay, pobresita, raising 4 kids on your own is a real pain in the you know what. I mean come on loosing your husband and gaining hard core responsibilities. Tell me would you jump for joy. No. But Sophi was a tough woman with alot of ambition. And she was going to take care of her family. Now in these first 33 pages you will find out all about her daughters. And you be the judge and let me know what you think. Im dying to get some input on this book. Negative or postitive. All I want is some honesty. And if you are reading this and dont have any interest. Well Im sorry because then all I can say is your missing out. So sad too bad. But if you are interested, Cool beans . And if you don't have the book. You really need to get it. I also heard, from my instructor in school that they are making a movie on this book. But, remember the movie never as good as the book. So get one today. Its worth it. More input to come at a later day. Signing off.